Program Manager / IEP Coordinator

Are you looking for a high energy educational position? You have found the right place! Summit Academy Schools is looking to hire a Program Manager/IEP Coordinator to work with students in our Children's Residential Centers.

Program Manager
MINIMUM Qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree or higher required, business experience helpful
Teaching or administrative experience required
Must possess or is eligible for a license through The Ohio Department of Education
Special Education training preferable

BASIC FUNCTION: Oversees daily operations of an educational program within a residential setting


Supervises the educational program within a children residential center
Implements Board policies and school regulations
Recommends, designs, and implements programs to meet the need of the school
Approves the master teaching schedule and special assignments
Participates in administrative meetings
Supervises all staff meetings
Assists in staff in-service
Supervises attendance reporting
Encourages high standards of conduct and enforces discipline
Delegates authority and conducts staff meetings as necessary
Oversees safety and health regulations in cooperation with the residential facility
Shares responsibility for school safety
Provides for inventory control, security, and accountability
Supervises the preparation of all school reports
Budgets school time effectively
Keeps abreast of changes and developments in education
Maintains effective public relations
Performs other tasks as assigned by the Regional Director
Job Description
Approval Record-Apr 8

Summit academy is seeking to hire upbeat, career-minded teachers with the desire to be appositive influence and role model to students in a highly structured environment. If you are up-beat, creative, and consistent with instructional skills then this is the position for you! Please contact me today to talk about your future opportunities with Summit Academy.

IEP Coordinator
1. Bachelor's Degree in Special Education/Intervention Specialist
2. The ability to generate, record, and maintain information and statistical data.
3. The ability to implement formal and informal assessments and norm-based assessments.
4. The ability to construct ETR's and IEP's.
5. The ability to become familiar with Special Education Concepts, policies and regulations of the Ohio Department of Education and The United States Department of Education.
6. The ability to become familiar with instructional methods and materials that would be applicable to Summit Academy Special Education Students.
7. The ability to interact professional with Summit Academy students and staff.
8. Strong Organizational and communication skills.
9. Proficient Microsoft Office and Computer skills.
Job Description:
The IEP coordinator/Program Manager would serve as the local expert on Special Educational Policy, Procedure, and protocol. This person will coordinate the evaluation process and coordinate the writing, preparation, and monitoring of Evaluation Team Reports (ETR's) and Individual Educational Programs (IEP's) of students with disabilities. This person will ensure that all evaluation components are appropriate, of high quality, and procedurally correct. This person will make administrative and teaching staff aware of accommodations that that are to be provided to the students. This person shall implement tutoring and/or intervention services as needed to the students on their caseload. This person shall also collaborate with services providers (occupational/speech therapists) to assess and/or services students. Additionally, this person shall be responsible for collecting progress reports and the overall maintenance of student Special Educational files, supervising the school's educational program. Furthermore, this person shall implement Board and School regulations, participate in administrative meetings, attend add/or implement staff in-services, complete scheduling and expense reporting, oversee additional staff and performs any other tasks assigned by the Regional Director.

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